• Projects for the device speed change lanes and lanes of traffic in transit.
  • Projects of entry and exit from the territories.
  • Projects (schemes) of traffic during construction and operation.
  • Projects of reconstruction of roads.
  • Projects parking and parking for motor vehicles, including heavy trucks.
  • Highway projects of various technical categories, as well as within the township roads.
  • Projects of bridges and overpasses.
  • Author’s supervision.

IndorCAD Software


System design of roads IndorCAD / Road intended for design of building, reconstruction and repair of streets and roads, interchanges design and development projects for the organization of movement.


System design of roads IndorCAD / Road intended for design of building, reconstruction and repair of streets and roads, interchanges design and development projects for the organization of movement.


  • Data processing of geodetic and geotechnical surveys;
    vectorized raster cartographic materials.
  • Design and analysis of digital elevation models and terrain.
  • Design a plan of the road.
  • Develop a plan of relief and plan of earth masses.
  • Design of the longitudinal profile of the road, drainage ditches and upland.
  • Design of the cross-section of the road
  • Design layout of means of traffic management
  • Develop a plan for improvement of the road
  • Design of repairs of streets and roads.
  • Volume rendering of the road.
Simultaneous work on IndorCAD / Road
to plan roads, profiles, and three-dimensional views

Simultaneous work on IndorCAD / Road to plan roads, profiles, and three-dimensional views

Working in IndorCAD / Road begins with the preparation of digital terrain models (DTM). Tools to create it exactly the same as those in other product lines IndorCAD. Thus, for the processing of geodetic surveys designed module Survey «Geodesic editor.» If the data is processed, it is possible to direct imports through the exchange formats (supports various surveying instruments, files, GPS-shooting exchange format CREDO, many raster formats, DXF-files, Shapefiles ESRI, text files with the coordinates of the points, etc .). It is possible to connect the project raster map images with accurate gridded (using module Rasters «Transformation of raster»).

In IndorCAD / Road integrated tools for data engineering and geological surveys. The entered information on the geologic column appear on the plan and profile. Columnshaped drawings and schedules.

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Three-dimensional visualization of the project road junction in the system IndorCAD / Road

Based on survey data processed automatically generated DTM. It is possible to manually edit the maps in various ways (isolines, izokonturami, cut shaded «pseudo-threedimensional », slopes) for visual analysis and a plan to print.

Systems range IndorCAD developed using the most advanced geometric algorithms that can work with a very detailed terrain models, consisting of hundreds of thousands of points, on average, the power system. When adding new points DEM immediately rebuilt and does not require the user to any additional actions.IndorCAD / Road allows you to work with multiple surfaces (terrain model). For example, the system can enter information about the relief to development, project design and executive survey data, then you can define the project and actually performed amount of earthwork. Similarly, we can conduct contingency planning and choose the best solution with minimal costs.


Tracing the roads in terms of CAD IndorCAD / Road can be run as traditional geometric elements (lines, arcs, clothoids), and the most modern tools: Bezier curves and splines.

Design of the longitudinal profile can perform classical (straight and arcs) or spline method. In the second case, first performed binding (limited top, bottom, or both sides) of individual dots the pipeline, and then runs an optimization process that minimizes the amount of excavation with the defined limits on the radii of curvature of the profile.

To simplify the design of the top of the subgrade in IndorCAD / Road includes several unique tools to automatically create the geometry of the roadway, shoulders, dividing strips, curbs. Only one team can design the transhumance turns, bus pockets transitional acceleration lanes and whole intersections and trasport. With all the projected turns constantly checked against the design speed, if necessary, warn the engineer error.

For the formation and structure of the transverse profile of the pavement in IndorCAD / Road can use ready-built library of standard cross sections and construction of pavement, or create your own solutions of arbitrary complexity. In the design process in the profiles are all passing near utilities, as well as adjacent tracks. After the design, you can calculate the volume of earthworks, pavements, squares slopes.

In IndorCAD / Road, one can work with the plan, longitudinal and transverse profiles in the top of the road bed, and in the three-dimensional form. Engineer made changes immediately recorded in all four projections.

To design layouts of means of traffic management in CAD IndorCAD / Road provides tools for the design of road markings (with the module RoadMarking «Road markings’), road and traffic signs (with the module RoadSigns «Road Signs»), guard rails, rails devices and traffic lights.


If necessary, the IndorCAD / Road can also develop a master plan utilities (with the module Utilities «Engineering Communications») and the Land Development Plan (landscaping, placement of small architectural forms, etc.).

After you complete the steps of designing IndorCAD / Road forms a set of drawings and statements in the format of preparation of drawings and IndorDraw Microsoft Excel spreadsheet editor in accordance with GOST 21.1701-97 «Rules of execution of working documentation of roads.» If necessary, formed a design decision you can also send in Autodesk AutoCAD.

The system IndorCAD / Road built a unique threedimensional visualization subsystem, allows to estimate the project design and to simplify the preparation of presentation materials. It is important to note that the volume model is built automatically from the input data and does not require the skills of an engineer three-dimensional modeling. All objects are placed on the plan (roads, traffic lights, road signs, trees, buildings, water, forests, bridges, fences, power lines, pipelines, etc.) immediately displayed in three dimensions.

In the three-dimensional form can be simulated travel by road (view from the driver’s point of view) to identify places with limited visibility or fly over the area (like a helicopter) for the overall visual assessment of project design. Arrival (zalet) can be written in the form of a movie (in a file format AVI), which can then be viewed on any computer without the use of the system IndorCAD.